What Fleet Managers are Saying About “Rightsizing” Their Fleets

“Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to affect the total-cost-of-ownership, other than to… periodically review our equipment specifications and maintenance programs to ensure we have the most appropriate vehicle to perform the work while avoiding unnecessary over-spec’ing,”
Automotive Fleet (online) “Top 5 Challenges Facing Commercial Fleets” January 2012 By Mike Antich (CLICK TO READ MORE)

Government Fleet magazine conducted an informal fuel survey, which had 134 respondents, and found that for public agencies, fleet fuel budget has increased for 82 percent of fleets in the past five years (from 2006 to 2011). The survey showed that 68% of the fleets reported “purchasing smaller or more fuel efficient vehicles” had been implemented as a fuel saving strategy.
Government Fleet magazine (online) January 2012 “Alternative Strategies to Reduce Fuel Costs” By Thi Dao (CLICK TO READ MORE)

A number of fleets are downsizing or rightsizing fleet assets, where possible. “For instance, many fleets are moving from a 1-ton pickup down to a ¾-ton or from a ¾-ton to a ½-ton. Rightsizing not only reduces initial costs, but improves fuel economy over the life of the vehicle,” said Steve Jansen of Donlen.
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