Fleet Management Software: 10 Things You Must Know Before Buying

Fleet Management Software: 10 Things You Must Know Before Buying

For fleet managers of armored vehicles, having the right fleet management software can really help to keep your vehicles on the road.

With fleet management software, you can automate vehicle maintenance and service by:

  • Developing automated maintenance schedules
  • Creating detailed maintenance budgets to cut costs
  • Sending email reminders to fleet users about maintenance

Do you know how to select the right fleet management software? To help you, here are 10 things to do before buying any software.

#1 Write Out What You Want the Software to do
Do You want to articulate what you want the software to do. This will help you find the right management software for your fleet of armored vehicles. This will also assist you when talking to vendors. Have a meeting with your team to chat about the software to figure out what you want it to do.
#2 Examine Cost vs. Value
As you begin your research, you’ll probably be comparing prices. Don’t let yourself get too fixated on price tags. It’s important to examine the total cost versus the total value. To do this, look at the software features that you see as an actual benefit. Then examine how those features will cut costs at your business. This will help you establish the value of the software.
#3 Look at Compatibility

Will the software be compatible with the computers and other hardware that you currently use? This is sometimes a problem if you have older computers. Talk with the software provider to find out if there will be any compatibility issues.

#4 Ask About Pricing & Fees

As you begin to talk to vendors, ask them to layout their pricing plan. See if there are any additional fees associated with the pricing. Sometime companies will add fees for implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

#5 Check on User Limit

Some software vendors limit the number of users. That means you may have to spend a little more so that all of your employees have access. Talk with the company about their pricing structure. Be sure to tell them how many people will use the software along with the number of computers that will need it.

#6 Try a Demo Version

It’s always important to test-drive the software before purchasing it. Don’t take the vendor’s word on its simplicity and ease of use. Have them give you a demonstration or ask for a test version of the software. When trying out the software, have the employees who will be using it test it out. Find out from them what they like and dislike about the software.

#7 Ask About Upgrades

Check to see how often the software has been updated in the last 10 years. Typically good fleet management programs are updated every three to four years. You’ll want to purchase software that is regularly updated to ensure it works properly with your computer system.

#8 Get References

Ask the vendor to provide references of non-competing companies that enjoy the software. When talking with references, ask about ease of use as well as any problems. To be safe, also do a little online research. Look for online reviews about the software. If you find any complaints or red flags, you’ll want to address these issues with the vendor.

#9 Find Out About Technical Support

It’s important to ask about technical support. See what type of troubleshooting assistance is offered during the setup process and the life of the software. You’ll want to find out the hours of support as well as the contact information (phone, email, etc.).

#10 Don’t Assume the Software Will Cure All Problems

Finally, don’t assume that the fleet management software is going to cure every single problem. This type of software helps to improve productivity and performance, but it’s not a cure-all solution. The sooner you are aware of this, the easier it will be to incorporate the software into your daily routine.

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