Fleet Air Recommendations

Hellwig Air

Hellwig Air Suspension can provide a smoother ride when empty and is quickly and easily adjustable to the load. Hellwig Air may be applicable where the working load varies greatly and driver comfort is an issue. In fleet operations, one consideration is the maintenance and service of air systems. Like tires, the air pressure in an air suspension system needs to be checked regularly to insure long term service and dependability.

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Hellwig Air

  • Better Load Control and Handling
  • Able to Level Even the Heaviest Loads
  • Increased Vehicle Stability
  • Reduced Bottoming of Vehicle Suspension
  • Complete with All Hardware for Easy Installation

Hellwig Air
Learn more about the Hellwig Big Wig Air Line and the options from 2500 lb to 2800 lb >

Big Wig Air

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 2800 lb capacity
  • Bulletproof Brackets
  • Requires Half Air Volume for Softer Ride