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Hellwig Products Company has manufactured leaf spring load control solutions since 1946. All our leaf springs are manufactured in the USA from US made alloy spring steel. Hellwig springs are available in weight ratings from 500 to 3500 pounds, are adjustable to tailor the spring rate to the load and also allow adjustment for load imbalances left to right. Hellwig Helper Springs provide added support to improve the weight handling capabilities of the vehicle. While Hellwig springs do not increase the GVWR of the vehicle, they do provide a safer and more stable platform, reducing or eliminating rear end sag and improving the handling of the vehicle when loaded or towing.
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Adding tool boxes, utility beds, racks and loading these with tools, gear and supplies can raise the vehicle center of gravity causing an increase in sway and body lean when cornering. By adding a Hellwig Sway Bar this body lean and sway can be reduced. In many cases, body sway can be reduced to a level better than when the vehicle left the factory. Reduced body sway not only makes the vehicle handle better, it can reduce tire wear and be more responsive when avoiding an accident.
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THE BOTTOM LINE: Adding Hellwig Auxiliary Helper Springs and Sway Bars will make your vehicles SAFER and MORE STABLE