Throughout the years, Hellwig Products has developed innovative suspension systems that help vehicles handle loads and control sway. The product portfolio primarily includes anti-sway bars for aftermarket and OEM applications. Offering private label manufacturing, proprietary manufacturing, and specialty engineering services, Hellwig consistently develops unique and innovative products and services for its customers. Over the years, Hellwig has designed the most popular (and imitated) load assist products ever introduced in the light truck aftermarket, including the Load Pro 25 Series.

Hellwig’s development team helps our clients refine their sway bar designs, ensures our products will fit properly into their suspension assemblies and verifies their products’ performance will live up to the rigors of the real world.

Design & Simulation Capabilities: The Hellwig team uses Solid Works and AutoCAD software to model parts, ensuring the best possible fit and operation of the sway bars. In addition to the modeling program, they have a FaroArm coordinate measuring machine which allows them to accurately measure, model and reproduce physical samples.

Prototyping Capabilities: Before going into larger volume production runs, Hellwig has the ability to create prototypes for their customers testing and approval. With their CNC Tube Bender, CNC Press brake and CNC plasma table and expanded CNC machine shop they have the ability to quickly make small quantities without having to pay large tooling fees. Additionally, for parts that don’t match the machine’s capabilities, they have full-time staff to fabricate custom prototypes.

Manufacturing Capabilities: Depending on the production run quantity and the materials, we can continue to use the CNC equipment or create dies to run parts. These dies are used to hot form sway bars and leaf springs using our custom made hydraulic presses and in-house tooling. With our 2000°F slot furnaces and 250-ton coining presses, we can forge a wide variety of ends on the sway bars. Hellwig stocks and uses a range of materials including 4140, 1018, 1025 DOM, 5160 and A36 steels. Both the 5160 and 4140 can be heat treated on site to RC 35-40 using our furnaces, oil tanks and tempering oven. They also have the capability to create brackets and source polyurethane bushings, hardware, U-bolts, etc. Our finished goods are powder coated at our facility for a durable, rust-free finish.

QA and Certifications: Hellwig is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


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