Hellwig sway bars and helper springs offer major benefits to fleet managers by providing more control to drivers, drastically increasing safety. Upgrading a fleet with suspension components from Hellwig will likely pay for itself in reduced downtime and other costs associated with accidents.


Sway bars, or more accurately anti-roll bars, are designed to resist a vehicle’s tendency to pitch from side to side during cornering, improving cornering ability and making for a more comfortable controlled ride. Sway bars are among the most cost-effective and dramatic improvements that you can make to your vehicle regardless of whether it’s a truck, muscle car, tow rig, or RV. Sway bars are also typically easy to install, making them a great first upgrade for anyone who wants a little more control out of their ride.



Hellwig Helper Springs are designed to sit on top of the leaf springs at the rear of your truck and work in conjunction with the stock spring pack to effectively increase the level load rating of your truck up to the vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating. Hellwig Helper Springs are adjustable, easy to install, and come with all the necessary hardware to make installation painless. Hellwig offers several types of Helper Springs, each with different load capacities and applications in mind. Like all of Hellwig’s steel products, they are forged in California in Hellwig’s ISO9001-certified factory and come with Hellwig’s limited lifetime warranty.



Hellwig’s Products have made getting the job done easier, with their new Single Side Helper Spring Kits. An ideal solution for Fleet vehicles, these springs are specifically designed for disproportionately weighted vehicles equipped with cranes or additional features, making them the perfect choice for any job. They provide a smooth and comfortable ride while providing the necessary support for heavy-duty equipment. The springs are manufactured in the USA with heat-treated 5160 alloy spring steel, include all mounting hardware, and carry a lifetime warranty. For more than 75 years, Hellwig has provided quality suspension products that have been tested for reliability and safety. You can trust Hellwig to provide the best fleet vehicle solutions in the industry. Click Here to See Vehicle Fitment for Single-Side Helper Springs.  Don’t see your application? Contact Hellwig at 1-800-367-5480 to create your application’s Single Side Helper Spring Kit.