Enhancing Stability: Hellwig Sway Bar Upgrade for OVR’s Project Bronco

We’re thrilled to announce that OVR has recently outfitted their Project Bronco with our Hellwig P/N – 7900 for the 2022-2023 Ford Bronco Rear Sway Bar and the results are impressive! This upgrade has significantly enhanced both on and off-road stability, providing OVR with a smoother and more confident driving experience.  7909 is for Ford Broncos without a rear sway bar mounting bracket. Please double-check the fitment on our website.

Here are some highlights and takeaways from OVR’s experience with the Hellwig sway bar:

  1. Test Drive: OVR took the Bronco for a spin after installing the sway bar and immediately noticed improvements. The ride on straightaways and higher-speed turns felt notably smoother and more controlled.
  2. Long-Distance Journey: The Bronco was put to the test with an 800-mile round-trip to San Felipe. Despite encountering crosswinds during the journey, the vehicle felt solid and planted, requiring minimal steering input thanks to the Hellwig sway bar.
  3. Off-Road Performance: OVR had the chance to test the Bronco’s off-road capabilities during a race. Even in challenging terrain and while in four-wheel drive, the Bronco remained stable and performed admirably, showcasing the effectiveness of the Hellwig sway bar.

Overall, OVR found that the Hellwig sway bar significantly improved the Bronco’s performance in various driving conditions. Not only does it enhance driving dynamics and load control, but it also does so without compromising off-road capabilities.

The increased confidence and stability experienced in daily use justify the upgrade, and OVR highly recommends the Hellwig sway bar for anyone looking to enhance their vehicle’s stability, reduce sway, and improve the overall driving experience.

Curious to learn more about OVR’s Project Bronco and their experience with the Hellwig sway bar? Check out their article here.

Upgrade your ride with Hellwig for a smoother, more controlled driving experience both on and off the road!

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