Hitched and Haulin Podcast – Getting Wild With Blake Wilkey!

Rising to fame by showing us “what not to do” Blake Wilkey is an off-road shredding and racing superstar; his shenanigans on dirt, pavement, and water have made him wildly popular online. We sat down with him at the 2022 SEMA show and talked about what he’s been up to, and how his Hellwig-equipped tow rig “Big Booty Judy” is doing a year after installing Hellwig sway bars. 

Roll out on the Hitched and Haulin adventure with Mike Hallmark from Hellwig Products as he sits down with influencers, off-roaders, and titans of the industry in Hellwig Product’s podcast series.

Listen to the episode on Spotify by following this link – https://open.spotify.com/episode/1jHeHaRsWthuHT8KvhZrJJ?si=360a6f2b8fac412d

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