Hellwig Products Releases New Sway Bar for the 2017-18 Ford Raptor


Hellwig Products introduces new bolt-on adjustable rear sway bar for the 2017-18 Ford F150 Raptor that improves cornering ability without reducing overall suspension travel.

Visalia, Calif. (December 2018) – Hellwig Products, the industry leader for towing, hauling and performance suspension products, has announced a new adjustable rear sway bar for the 2017-18 Ford F150 Raptor pickup truck. Hellwig’s versatile new bolt-on rear sway bar offers a variety of adjustable settings to improve performance for off-road, highway and towing applications.

The Ford F150 Raptor has become the gold standard for off-road performance pickup trucks today thanks to its impressive out-of-the-box performance capabilities and ability to handle almost any terrain. While Ford outfits the Raptor from the factory with a front sway bar but not the rear, leaving room for improvement. Hellwig’s new adjustable design allows for even greater driver control both on and off the road.

Designed specifically for the Raptor, this new sway bar avoids the clearance issues that can often occur with the truck’s oversized shock absorbers and longer suspension travel. At its softest setting, the Hellwig rear sway bar drastically decreases body roll while still allowing the suspension to articulate in uneven terrain. Its stiffer settings allow for increased anti-roll rate to minimize body roll and weight transfer even while driving on the street or towing heavy loads, enhancing overall safety and driver control.

Hellwig’s upgraded F150 Raptor rear sway bar (P/N 7743) is forged from solid 1-inch diameter heat treated Chromoly steel bar stock and features Hellwig’s “Hammertone” powder coat to prevent corrosion and wear in even the toughest conditions. The sway bar’s included polyurethane bushings allow for smooth, squeak-free operation and the included adjustable end links allow for easy integration on the factory components and aftermarket setups.

Hellwig sway bars can be installed in minimal time with simple hand tools, come with all necessary parts and hardware, are made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Warranty on all steel parts. For more information on Hellwig’s Ford F150 Raptor sway bars visit www.HellwigProducts.com