Top Smartphone Apps for Armored Vehicle Operators and Drivers

Top Smartphone Apps for Armored Vehicle Operators and Drivers

Driving your armored vehicle just got easier.

Thanks to smartphones, there are tons of new apps that make your job a lot easier and less stressful. Here are some of our favorite apps for armored vehicle operators and drivers.

#1 Read important documents on the go with Documents to Go. This smartphone app allows you to view digital documents right on your smartphone. You can view a variety of formats including Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. This app is priced at $9.99 for the iPhone.

#2 Remember important things with Evernote. Save ideas, tasks and other important information right on your phone. Evernote allows you to save text-based and audio notes right on your phone. It will make it easy to report faults experienced during a day’s activity. This app is free for most smartphones.

# 3 Have an interactive map on your phone with Google Maps Mobile. This app is packed full of detailed maps. It includes 3D maps to help orient yourself in areas with tall buildings and narrow streets. Google Maps Mobile also includes turn-by-turn directions. This app is free for Android phones.

#4 Keep track of route mileage with Milog. This app makes it a breeze to record mileage. It’s easy to enter mileage and search for previous trip information. It can really come in handy when you need to track mileage. This app is priced at $3.99 for the iPhone.

#5 Disable texting and email features while driving with TextArrest. This app will lock the phone’s screen when your vehicle is traveling faster than 5 mph. This helps to keep you focused on your job. TextArrest is free for Android and BlackBerry phones. However, advanced features start at $7.99/month.

#6 Keep track of daily tasks with Wunderlist. This app makes it easy to keep up on daily tasks. You can set up automated reminders, so you never forget those important jobs. You’ll never forget cleaning your vehicle out at the end of a shift with Wunderlist. This app is free for most smartphones.

#7 Reduce stress on the job with MyCalmBeat. Monitor your breathing rate to help get through those stressful situations. MyCalmBeat promotes calmness through easy-to-do breathing exercises. This app is free for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phones.

#8 Find low gas prices with the GasBuddy App. This is a great app if you need to fill your vehicle up at a gas station off-site. It helps you find the lowest nearby gas prices. This app is free and is available on most smartphones.

#9 Find a good place to eat lunch with AroundMe. You can find nearby places for sandwiches or coffee with your smartphone. The app uses your phone’s GPS to pinpoint nearby spots for lunch. This app is free for iPhone and Android phones.

#10 Keep track of your vehicle’s maintenance with aCar. This app is great at keeping track of oil changes as well as mileage. You’ll be sure that your vehicle is always in great shape.

These are some of our favorite smartphone apps. To make your ride even smoother and more enjoyable, consider getting armored vehicle sway bars. This helps to dramatically improve the performance and handling of your vehicle.

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