Sway Bar Education

Body Roll is reduced by torsional effect of sway bars as they transfer the pressure exerted on the inboard wheels. The weight is more evenly distributed to all four wheels helping the vehicle stay more level with the road and improving control in turns.

Having problems with cornering and handling?

Use Hellwig’s sway bar kits and your problems go away.

Sway Bars are the easiest, most cost effective way to improve your vehicles cornering and handling performance.

Larger diameter construction and polyurethane bushings make major improvements in the way your vehicle handles.

Each sway bar kit is engineered to fit your specific vehicle model.

The sway bars use heavy duty 4140 chrome moly steel that is hot-formed and heat treated for maximum strength, durability and performance.

All kits are easy to install and include heavy gauge mounting hardware, specially formulated polyurethane bushings and easy to follow installation instructions.

Hellwig Sway Bars give the vehicle that “extra” performance edge without sacrificing comfort.

The sway bar kits provide the ultimate in road handling and performance. Most factory suspensions comprise handling performance for soft ride characteristics, Hellwig sway bars can help a lot. Not only is handling improved but tire life is extended by maintaining even pressure on all four corners of the vehicle in cornering situations.

Watch Our Before & After Hellwig Sway Bars Video:

Camper_Before/After from melhellwig on Vimeo.

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