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Hellwig has been a major player in aftermarket swaybars for years but their new generation of bars for Pro Touring and muscle cars has really taken them to the next level! All Hellwig bars are heat treated forged 4140 Chrome Moly steel for extreme strength and light weight. They feature a super tough silver vein hammertone finish that reduces bushing surface contact and holds grease in place for smooth,squeak free operation. Swaybars are tuning aids so we offer them in various sizes including Hellwig`s revolutionary adj. rate rear bars. These bars have modern OE style end links and can be set for soft, medium or firm settings to tune oversteer/understeer or to help launch the car flat at the drags.

65-69 Mopar B-Body Front Sway Bar
G body Front Bar
`64-`69 Mopar B body Front Bar
G body Front Bar
1st Gen Camaro Adj. Rear Bar
1st Gen Camaro Adj. rear bar
Camaro Adj. Rear Bar Installed

Camaro Adj. End Links
Camaro Adj. End Links
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