Pinewood Drag Races

SEMA’s main event for the pinewood drag races are fast approaching. We’ll be races our stylized, geared up pinewood cars in Pasadena, July 24th. The race also is in tandem with the SEMA Show n’ Shine Car show. If you are near Pasadena you’ll have to come out. The weather and location has always been spectacular. During the races you’ll feel the excitement in the air; and it amusing to see CEOs of SEMA member companies root for their cars like they were 7 years old again. Plus all the fun goes to support Childhelp and Victory Junction Gang.

Over Mother’s Day weekend we were in Beaumont, CA to assist the Childhelp Village kids build cars. You can see their custom creations in the photos. If you can’t make it to the event you could still sponsor a car and have your own race team for under $100 dollars, click here for more info.

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