New Pro Touring Sway Bars

The new Pro-Touring adjustable sway bar kits for GM A-Body applications are
now available. These kits relocate the sway bar from the lower control arms
to the rear axle, which improves handling by allowing the suspension to
freely articulate. The sway bar is made from 1-1/8″ diameter alloy tubing to
reduce weight and incorporates 3 holes to adjust roll stiffness so that the
suspension can be tuned to match suspension upgrades and/or track
conditions. The sway bar is connected to the frame with adjustable end links
that accommodate stock or lowered ride heights. The end links are connected
to the frame with our integral clevis/tailpipe hanger (pat pending) that
allows factory exhaust hangers to be used with the kit. The kit includes
polyurethane bushings and all hardware required for installation. Part
numbers are as follows:

55868 68-72 GM A-Body 1-1/8″ Adj RSB
55864 64-67 GM A-Body 1-1/8″ Adj RSB

* Featuring Unique Patent Pending Hardware

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