New Big Wig

In honor of SEMA week you are getting daily updates of the new products we are debuting. Here’s the Big Wig!
7265 Big Wig 2500/3500 Dodge w/ 5.9 Diesel 03-08
7266 Big Wig 2500/3500 Dodge w/ 6.7 Diesel 03-10
7267 Big Wig Chevy 2500/3500 HD 07-10
7268 Big Wig Ford Super Duty Sgl Whl 99-10
7269 Big Wig Chevy 2500/3500HD 01-06
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5 Responses to “New Big Wig”

  1. Richard Edzards says:

    How does the sway bar compare to SuperSprings. Do they serve the same purpose. Ford F350 Dually 2005. Carrying a Lance 1181. I did not see a bar for my truck is this coming in the future. Thanks

  2. Bruce Mackintosh says:

    Big Wig for truck campers sounds great – learned from Truck Camper Mag. Is it all we need to move from stock to great suspension for a camper? I have 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 4WD, 6.7L, 4 door, long bed, dually. A lot of truck weight, carrying a Northstar 8.5 Adventurer. Camper may be 3,000 lbs, but the 3500 has 5,000 lbs bed capacity. I am surprised the extent of the swaying with the camper, and also the bounding of the front end on rough roads. My suspension is totally stock. I thought it would easily handle a mid-sized camper, but it clearly needs help.

    Will the new Big Wig sway bar clear it all up, or is the ultimate suspension package for even a heavy truck carrying a camper (with some off-road and/or trailer pulling) the new rear bar, bigger front bar, shocks and/or helper or air springs.

    I’ll bet camper owners would appreciate the complete solution matched up to go from stock to complete all in one stem? Thoughts?

    Bruce Mackintosh

  3. Melanie_White says:

    That is a great idea! I’ll work on a blog and get with my engineer so he can use some tech lingo and info here. We know Hellwig can be of great help with either helper springs or air and front and rear sway bars. The air or helpers will offer the load control and the front and rear Hellwig Sway Bars will offer great sway control (which you greatly need with the extra height and load of a camper).

  4. Melanie_White says:

    A sway bar is specifically for sway control. Super Springs which is a helper spring can help with the sway control, just like our helper springs. Installing a helper springs will increase spring rate and this also increases stability/sway control; it’s really an added bonus to it’s original purpose. But the purpose of a sway bar is to maintain stability of the vehicle. You can read more here And please let us know if you have any questions.

  5. […] am looking myself. i see that hellwig makes one called the "big wig" here's the link New Big Wig | Hellwig Products __________________ 2003 4×4 quadcab short box, airaid cold air kit, quadzilla xzillaraider II, […]

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