Hellwig's Pro Series

Genuine Load Control

There is only one original. Hellwig Products created its first helper spring over 60 years ago. The product depth and experience that Hellwig offers is unmatched in the industry. The patented Pro-Series continues that legacy with features that allow your customers to reap the benefits of a genuine Hellwig Helper Spring which is 100% American made.
The Pro Series is available for most popular truck applications and offers a 2500lb capacity that is engineered to each application. The Pro-Series can be fine tuned to the application as the U-bolts offer multiple adjustment points versus just one or two adjustment
points. A progressive spring rate ensures a smooth ride at any adjustment point. Every Pro-Series kit features the patented ‘silent-ride’ polyurethane blocks which keep tension on the
u-bolts delivering a quiet, smooth ride.
The Pro-series was designed for an easy installation as there is no separate installation kit required— it all comes in one box. This makes it easier for the
jobber and the customer’s pocketbook. The Pro-Series incorporates heavy duty 9/16” hardware throughout – only one wrench or socket is needed for installation.
Installation of a Pro-Series is as easy as 1,2,3…
• Orient the helper spring on top of the main spring.
• Attach the inner U-bolts and torque to spec.
• Attach outer U-bolts with silent ride blocks and adjust the springs
to the load.
Its as easy as that. Once the U-bolts are set, no further adjustment is required. There are no bushings or moving parts to wear out. In fact, Hellwig Products backs up every spring with a performance guarantee and a million mile warranty. The product depth and experience that Hellwig offers is unmatched in the industry.
For more information on Hellwig’s Pro Series and their other superior load and sway control products go to hellwigproducts.com.


  • 100% American made from 5160 spring steel
  • Patented Polyurethane Silent Ride blocks
  • Rugged Silver Vein Hammertone Powdercoat
  • Zinc plated Hardware to reduce corrosion
  • Heavy-Duty 9/16” U-bolts


  • 2500 lb capacity for most populartruck applications
  • Level the load with a progressive Spring rate that delivers a smooth ride
  • Patented ‘Silent-Ride’ blocks deliverquiet performance
  • Multiple adjustment points customizethe spring to the load
  • Simple, easy installation—only onewrench or socket required
  • Only one part number to order foreach application
  • Hellwig million mile warranty

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