Hellwig Tubular Sway Bars: More Rate & Less Weight!

More Rate – Less Weight!!!

Hellwig Motorsports Tubular sway bars provide up to 100% more spring rate than a stock sway bar and reduce weight. These CNC formed tubular sway bars provide the winning combination of performance and handling for vintage and late model muscle cars. Tubular DOM alloy steel allows the sway bar to be sized in the diameters required for performance handling without adding additional weight and, in some cases, reducing weight over a stock application. This provides a performance gain you can feel with quality only Hellwig can provide. Hellwig quality shows in the details such as end treatments where the sway bar is tapered from round to flat to eliminate stress risers. Also, the ends are radiused for a better clearance and a clean appearance. All bends are done on computer controlled benders to provide consistent bends in a sway bar that fits right every time. Only Hellwig has all of these features so it makes sense to go with the winner – Hellwig Motorsports.

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