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Ron McPherson from SupercarTV.com came to visit Hellwig early this summer. He and his crew filmed the installation of a front and rear sway bar on their 69 Camero. As you can see from the above photo, we had some fun test driving the vechicle for before and after performance. Hellwig had a great time during there visit and will be posting the video from his visit soon. But before that read more about Ron and his company:

Supercar TV was formed 2 years ago by Ron McPherson, full throttle car enthusiast. “What happened was I was pouring all this time and money into my cars and when I got done everyone wanted to know how I did that! So I thought, why not not film the answers to questions everyone is asking on the car forums? When a guy is about to spend 1,000 bucks or more on his car he or she feels so much better when they can see a regular guy like me telling the truth about the experience.”

It was also a turning point in Ron’s life when his Dad, Ronnie turned 70. “I was like, Dad, we have to build a crazy, Mad Max car that we can go to the shows with together. And we gotta do it NOW!” So Ron jumped on eBay and bought a 69 Camaro and 2 years later traded in his Hybrid for a 69 Charger. “It hasn’t been easy. We’re not Professional Mechanics, we’re just regular guys that are fans of what companies like Hellwig Products make. And to be able to meet the people behind the product and see what goes into making it, it’s like being front row at a rock concert.”

SupercarTV.com is set to launch in August and will be chock full of pictures, video and info covering all these adventures. Ron will be offering feedback and opinions from a regular guys perspective. No shop, no lift, just a passion for cars. Supercar TV is about regular guys taking regular cars and turning them into supercars.

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