Dodge Powerlift Kit

Dodge Power Lift Kit

New 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Pictures, Images and Photos

Hellwig has completed the design of a new Power Lift rear air suspension
for the 2009 Dodge 1500. This system replaces the coil springs with heavy
duty air springs and a leveling system. The Power lift system eliminates
the “rake” needed to compensate for coil springs’ tendency to squat under
load and allows the vehicle to have a level attitude no matter what the load.

The Power Lift incorporates a heavy duty leveling valve that keeps the
vehicle at the desired ride height all the way up to rated GVW. This
feature eliminates sagging or squatting under heavy loads or trailers as the
right amount of air is added to level the vehicle for a ride quality that
cannot be matched. A modular compressor and tank mount is also included
for ease of installation.

The Power Lift for 1500 Dodge will be ready for
sale in Spring 2010.


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