April's Notes from the President

Tow and Haul Capable?
by Mark Hellwig

In spite of the national economic slow down, most of us still have jobs and work to do. Some of us go to the office and some of us go to the work site. Some of us go to the ranch, and some of us to the farm. Some of us move goods for ourselves, and some of us deliver goods to others. And when the weekend comes some of us back under a fifth wheel and some of us hitch up a travel trailer. Others slide in a cab-over camper and some load up with motorcycles. If you head to the office everyday you may or may not drive a truck. But if you are in any of the later work categories you probably get to the job in a truck.

Times being what they are, you most likely haven’t gone down to the local truck dealer and sprung for a new truck. That means you are expecting the truck you have to be fully capable of the tasks you expect it to perform. And if you have sprung for a new truck, chances are you will be accessorizing that truck to do the work you expect from it. Many of us need our truck performing at its highest level of Tow and Haul capability. Hellwig Products Co. Inc. manufactures suspension upgrades to bring out the most in your vehicles capability. Sway bars to control crosswinds and sway from passing trucks. Helper springs to keep the truck level and stable when hauling heavy loads.

Whether you want to get away for a weekend or a week, Hellwig Products Co. Inc. as well as many other aftermarket companies are ready to assist you in accessorizing your truck for enjoyable and safe travels. Give the economy a little boost and go out and find the aftermarket products that personalize your truck while giving it the full capability to do the work you expect.

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