Lance Owners of America are Coming to Hellwig!

Since Hellwig introduced the Big Wig (the load specific) Sway Bar we’ve been working closely with the Truck Camper Community. A customer of ours encouraged us to get in touch with Lance Owners of America and Truck Camper Magazine; they referred to them both as the experts within the marketplace. And that has been true. Both the Lance Owner of America (LOA) Community and Truck Camper Magazine have amazing to work with. So when we were invited last year to attend the LOA tour of the Lance Factory we took the opportunity. It was so cool to see another manufacturing facility. And it was especially great to meet with the LOA Community. We were very grateful to Eric Dye the founder of LOA for the opportunity; so this year when we started talking about them touring Hellwig we jumped at the opportunity to have the group here.

Truck Camper Magazine posted this message about the tour.

Here are a few photos from last year’s LOA tour of Lance. Looking forward to posting our own this year!


Posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 in Events, Truck camping.
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