Interview with Eric Dye

How did LOA get started?

After I bought my Lance 1010 in 1999, I began searching for a Lance owner’s group on the internet.  I found several active truck camping web forums, but there was a lot of hostility on those forums.  I did not really like any of the groups I found so I decided to create my own.

Later that year, I wrote a proposal to Lance corporate for the Lance Owners of America and pitched the idea with Steve Holland at the Lance factory.  Lance loved the idea and gave us the go ahead for a website and forum.

What was your vision for the forum?

My vision was simple.  To provide the Lance Owner community a place share information to help make their camping experience a great one.  I think every owner of a Lance Camper or Trailer should belong to the LOA.

Were you always into Camping or Truck Camping?

My love of truck camping started at age five.  My parents had a Datsun pick-up with a Six Pac camper on the back.  We would go on camping trips all the time with that truck and camper.  My fondest memories are riding in the cabover with my face pressed up on the front window, watching the world go by.  That’s not a good or safe practice anymore, but back in the seventies it was accepted.  Those experiences are where my love of truck camping came from.

What are you most proud about LOA?

I am most proud of the people that have come together to form the LOA community.  They have provided tremendous support for the group over the last ten years and that makes me extremely proud.

Do you have plans for the future of LOA?

I want to see us have regional chapters with chapter heads in each region.  We will support regional chapters with their own events in their own areas.  I am currently providing an area of the site to support the new Lance Trailers.  We have predominantly been truck camper focused but with the introduction of Lance Trailers we want to support our trailer towing members as well.

What is your favorite part about the forum?

My favorite part about the forum is seeing all the creative modifications that the members come up with.  They post pictures and descriptions of these modifications so others can share in their ingenious ideas.

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