Another Manufacturer Thanks Hellwig

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Good Afternoon,

I want to thank you and commend you on your customer service and the way you stand behind your products!

I recently contacted you about replacement linkage parts for my truck. I had purchased the truck used and your sway bar was installed at the time of purchase. I was looking to purchase parts and was informed that those parts were no longer available because they had been improved. I was sent all new linkage parts for mounting both sides at no cost.

As a small manufacturer myself I know the costs involved to protect the brand. We have been in business for 157 years and I believe it is because of making a quality product backed by good customer service.

If you do things right and treat the customer right good things happen!

I will promote your brand every chance I get, and wish you the best for business in the future.



We contacted Jay to ask him if he would let us use his message on our website and also to find out more about the business that has been around for a 157 years! Noble Cooley manufactures the worlds best drums and has still is managed by decedents of James Cooley. Thanks Jay for the message and for sharing your story of many years of manufacturing too.

Posted on Friday, May 27th, 2011 in Testimonial.
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