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I installed the rear anti-sway bar just about a week after I installed the front bar but I wanted to wait a while to do a post on this particular install. The front bar went in easy, but the rear was a bit more work, mainly due to inexperience on my part and the other part being “OK” instructions, but not “ideal”. The difference being mainly in the order that they recommend the parts going on. In the instructions they basically have you installing the bar onto the hanger straps (not sure if that’s the right term) but basically they have you remove the old hardware and start building in the new install, one piece at a time. All of that is OK, it works. Just make sure you don’t try that in the middle of summer. The VERY important works in the term “Shade Tree Mechanic” is “Shade” and possibly “Tree” It took me nearly 3 hours of install and tinkering to get things to where I wanted them which left me with a very mean sunburn. Blisters are never fun.


So, if you are stalling a rear anti sway bar from any manufacturer, check out the video below for perhaps a better method of installing a rear-anti sway bar. If you had already viewed my first post, this is the same video as linked there. Jump forward to 4:56 for the rear bar install. Basically they attach all of the hardware onto the bar before dragging it up underneath to mount it on the car. MUCH EASIER.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 in Testimonial.
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