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I own a 97 Ford Ranger XLT 245V6 auto 2wd original owner, very low miles for all this time 50K. So time to do some refurb stuff. After another set of shocks (KYB Gas), set of Dunlops once again realized it never had a rear sway bar. I was so impressed at how well the Hellwig was controlling the sway to the point I thought I could feel improvement just driving straight on the freeway I had a buddy of mine that’s driven it numerous times take it for a spin and he noticed it too. So needless to say I had to replace the stock front sway bar with Hellwig and took a couple months to crowbar the money and install it. I’ve had the front on about ten days now. As you know the result is quite excellent. Gas mileage went up maybe 20 or 30 miles a full tank if I watch the gas pedal usage.

But I’m writing this because of a defensive driving maneuver I had to perform the night before last. I am thoroughly convinced that if not lucky enough to get a bug up my butt(after all this time owning the vehicle without a rear swaybar) and wanting to install a Hellwig leading to the front replacement with Hellwig, I would not be writing this message…or doing anything else…ever.

It would take a diagram and allot of text to describe what happened but basically and I’ll try my best to keep it short as possible…

At 45-50mph(45mph posted) into a dum dum
starting to enter on the right from a 90 degree blind alley into the #1 lane I was traveling in and at about a 75 foot distance. Swerved into the #2 lane perfect control center of the lane. Dum Dum number 2 in the opposing trafficĀ  lanes making a left hand turn(illegal, there is a center divider painted area but not a left hand turn lane) and very slow at another 50-75′ distance blocking both of my traveling direction lanes. Swerv into the solid double yellow center medium divider
lane/area. Once again nailing dead center. Enter Dum dum number three…A rented Ryder Moving Van/Truck(the type that has to have a lift gate on the back it’s so tall) using the center divider medium as a passing lane around slower moving vehicles coming in the opposing direction. I have no idea of the distance but about a blink or two of the eye in time because as I saw and reacted to swerve to the right as a last ditch effort reflex closed the eyelids reopened them when the expected head on I apparently didn’t want to actually watch as it was happening… didn’t(I guess I’m chicken). Dum dum in the Ryder horn didn’t even start to blow until I was(my person not my whole truck)just passing his cab at my very proximity close left hand side(the type you can sort of feel is very, very un naturally close compared to what we are used to in normal everyday conditions). So instead of towing companies and all the rest happening not a scratch on anything or anybody, everybody got to sleep in their own beds that night and none the worse for wear(except for some underpants and I won’t say just whose).

I’m sure this isn’t the first time your company has received a letter like this but it’s the first time I ever wrote one like it.

Thank You for giving me the opportunity.



Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 in Testimonial.
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