Hellwig’s #SEMA 2011

SEMA 2011 is just around the corner and we’ve got some really great new products planned. And as we speak our SEMA booth is coming together, it sits in our building now almost as it would at SEMA. It’s getting ready for the bright lights of the show!

And we are getting a lot of products ready as well as the booth. Below you can read about the products and vehicles we’ll be bringing.

Under our Street Performance line of suspension we’ll be bringing new products with the Elite Series Billet hardware, we have new Corvette bars to reveal and a very cool new front sway bar (but we are waiting till the show for that reveal).

The Big Wig line will be including helper springs in their line-up along with some new sway bars.

Under the Off Road Line, our Off-Road-Ready sway bars will be ready for their big debut. Plus we’ll be showing off our end-links, we’ve got some very, cool custom end-links to show off too!

You’ll be able to see all our products in the Hellwig booth in the Performance and Racing Hall, Central Hall, Booth Number 22521.

We’ll be bringing 3 customized vehicles this year! Our Hellwig XJ will be front and center, in front of the SEMA Halls. And our new Big Wig Ford Super Duty will be displayed in the LTAA booth, in South Hall, Truck & SUV Hall, Booth Number 34127. And The Hellwig F150 which was involved in some Electronic Stability Control testing will be in the Vehicle Technology Center, also in the Truck & SUV Hall, Booth Number 35185.

It’s going to be a fun week at SEMA, but a busy one too! Plan on stopping in to see us at our booth! (Hellwig Booth Number 22521)

Mark your Calendar for November 1st to the 4th!

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