Power Lift

  • Engineered to bolt on truck and SUV chassis’ manufactured with rear coil springs
  • Replaces steel coil springs with soft riding air springs
  • Featuring an air spring with superior ride quality
  • Softens typical loaded and unloaded conditions
  • Increase stability and control
  • Reduce bottoming
  • Provide the ability to level the heaviest loads automatically
  • Automatically adjusts vehicle ride height to the load
  • Best suspension upgraded on the market
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on Hellwig bracketery

About Power Lift™

This unit is a rear suspension upgrade for GM SUVs with rear coil springs, including Tahoe, Avalanche, Suburban, and the New Dodge 1500 vehicles as well as many other coil sprung full size SUV’s built by General Motors.

Engineered to bolt on to General Motors truck and SUV chassis, manufactured with rear coil springs, the Power Lift™ suspension system replaces steel coil springs with soft riding air springs. Featuring an air spring with superior ride quality, this unit softens typical loaded and unloaded ride conditions with its large air volume. Offering better handling and control under heavily loaded conditions and superior ride quality unloaded these kits increase stability and control, reduce bottoming, and provide the ability to level the heaviest loads automatically.

Air Up, Air Down

With the Power Lift™ height sensing valve, any change in vehicle load demand is automatically compensated for. The vehicle will always seek its pre-determined ride height. For example this means if you have preset the Power Lift™ system to maintain a 20inch (for example) rear bumper height above ground, as load is applied to the vehicle by placing weight in the vehicle or on the hitch, the bumper will momentarily drop closer to the ground. When the Power Lift™ height sensing valve receives that input it will begin “airing up” the Power Lift™ air spring, thus raising the bumper back to its 20inch above ground preset. In another example, if load is removed from the vehicle and the bumper to ground distance exceeds 20inches the Power Lift™ height sensing valve will “air down” the Power Lift™ system adjusting the vehicle back to the 20inch preset. At all times the height sensing valve applies only the needed air pressure to maintain the preset height, thus providing the best ride possible for the load demand.

Tailored For Your Vehicle

Power Lift™ Air springs offer longer suspension travel, ease of adjustment, simple installation and years of heavy duty load control. These heavy duty air assisted helper systems provide load leveling capability with compressed air applied to the air springs which are mounted between the vehicle frame and suspension. Each Hellwig Air kit is specifically designed to maximize the safe load carrying capacity of your vehicle up to its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Available with manual fill using a remote air supply (standard) or add optional in-cab controls or automatic load leveling.


With its simple bolt on design these kits can be installed with common hand tools (some kits may require drilling). Do it yourself or have a professional install it. Either way you get outstanding performance from Hellwig Air Systems. Hellwig Air Kits come complete with double convoluted heavy duty air springs, heavy duty powder coated components, zinc plated hardware, air line, fill valves and installation instructions. Give your vehicle its full capability to tow and haul with improved vehicle and load control, correct head light direction, better handling and improved drivability.

Heavy Duty Load Control Applications

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*Progressive Rate Listed – Call for Constant Rate Applications

  1. Must Remove Factory Overload Contact Springs
  2. Can also use 6400 if not equipped with fifth wheel hitch
  3. Installs in place of factory contact overload spring
  4. Requires drilling
  5. Step Bracket Style Leaf
  6. Can also use 1801 for step bracket style leaf
  7. Leaf & Mounting Kit Packaged Together