Big Wig – the Ultimate in Towing Solutions

The combination of Our Heavy Duty Air Kits and our Big Wig Sway Bars are the ultimate solution for any towing or hauling situations. You’ll want a load control product like our air which will help your vehicle sit level and handle better. And the Big Wig Sway Bars are key for helping you feel confident driving on curvy roads, on busy highways, and windy conditions.

We love to create products that give you a better driving experience and are very excited to have this solution for you. Watch the videos below and link to the Big Wig Air Page and Big Wig Sway Bar for more info.

Big Wig Air

Designed for Heavy Tow and Haul applications, these kits feature a 2800 lb. air spring for each side and heavy duty brackets to stand up to the most demanding loads.

Watch Our Before & After Hellwig Air Video:

Big Wig Air page >

Big Wig Sway

Rear Sway Bars for Truck Campers, Heavy Haulers & Heavy Tow Applications.

Watch Our Before & After Hellwig Sway Bar Video:

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