Best in the Desert – Mint 400

Best in the Desert – Mint 400


3/19/14, Cook Off Road Racing participated in the Best in the Desert Mint 400 this past weekend. The team headed down to Las Vegas fresh off their recent race in San Felipe MX. The #1930 was prepped and ready to take on the Nevada desert. The team arrived in Vegas Thursday night and put some last minute finishing touches on the Polaris Rzr. Race car was polished, tires were dressed, she was ready for tech and contingency the next day down on a Fremont Street.


On Friday morning driver Sean Cook and the team was in line for tech bright and early (0700hrs), they were one of the first 10 cars to make their way down Fremont Street. Tech is a process for the team to push the race vehicle up Fremont Street, covering many city blocks lined with a variety of race related vendors. Stickers are applied and new relationships are formed on your way through tech. At the end of this party is the UTVRA trailer and this is where the race car is given its final once over before being given it’s official stamp of approval making it race ready. This is also an opportunity for the racers to sneak a peak at what the competitors are bringing to the game. Tech and registration concluded with the drivers meeting Friday night, once this was concluded the team regrouped one last time to go over pit strategy and to get new co-driver Curtis Dahmen familiar with his role as co-driver.


Race day came early Saturday morning for the team, they rolled out from the hotel at 0330 hrs. Long before the desert sun had risen. At the track the team made a few last minute adjustments, chase teams were loaded up and sent out to their locations and Sean and Curtis began their pre race get ready. 0545 and it was time to stage, Sean drove the Rzr to their 20th starting spot and waited for his turn to take the green flag. The time had finally come and Sean lined up against Kevin Shrive in the #1915 Polaris Rzr. The traditional hand shake was given by Casey From Best in the Desert and before they knew the green light was on, time to go. Sean put the pedal down and charged the #1930 as hard as he could, the #1915 beat him out of the starting gate but Sean stayed with him for the next few miles. The only goal for this race was to push as hard as we could stated Sean Cook, we are not running for points so we wanted to see what the car is really capable of. Sean and Curtis drove hard, they were running with the lead pack into the gravel quarry. As Sean came into the quarry conditions deteriorated quickly, Curtis stated, we could not see beyond the front of the car the dust was so thick, Sean was driving in the blind but was able to stay with the leaders. Sean and Curtis hit the pavement and took the Rzr to 79 mph at the end of the pavement it was back into the desert and back into the dust. Sean and Curtis were just starting to settle into their race rythem when suddenly the front a-arm pivot decided to leave the chassis. This is not a good good, things came to a very abrupt halt. Curtis jumped out to asses the situation but knew it would take more to fix than what he had in the tool bag. Sean managed to get the car to the access road but soon discovered the car would not roll in a forward direction only in reverse. Sean and Curtis drove the car in reverse for about 5 miles back to pit B. The crew was waiting for them, when they arrived they were on the repairs as quickly as could be. Crew chief Jeff Correia along with a few enlisted helpers tried to get the car fixed but he soon realized not only was the pivot badly damaged but the KING shock was also destroyed. With a heavy heart Jeff made the decision to call the race. Sometimes you just cannot go any further without jeopardizing so many other things.


It would seem like failure had reared it’s ugly head but that was not the way the team saw things as Sean stated, we set out today to see if we could actually run up front and we did. Usually our strategy is to take it slow and save the car. Today we had nothing holding us back except a broken pivot mount. We are very happy with the performance of all our sponsors, our GBC Mongrels once again ate up the desert, our newly installed Hellwig sway bar performed flawlessly and our KING Shocks offered us a ride like no other. The Factory UTV installed skid plates kept the Rzr sliding over the nastiest of rocks. Our Rugged Radios gave us excellent communication to our pits, and of course ourRigid Lights burned a hole through the dust allowing us to stay on track. The Wasteland high performance belt never missed a beat and did its job by keeping us moving forward. The motor ran cool due to our newly acquired CryoHeat treatment of all the important components.


Cook Off Road Racing would like to thank all their sponsors and family for supporting them and look forward to representing them again at the SCORE Plaster City race in April.

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