Visiting Bell Off Road

The PNW Customs crew and Melanie White
The PNW Customs crew and Melanie White

We were able to make it up to visit the folks at Bell Off Road. They are doing some very cool stuff. Shooting some TV shows. Duck Dog Waterfowl is on it’s second season, I got to see host Howard Avery. And John Reynold is working on a new project with Howard Avery called PNW Customs. They are going to be filming a new series based on Truck Mods. Totally up our ally. It was great to see how the shop is growing and all the sweet projects they have in their garage. I even got a sneak peak of the series. You’ll love it! Follow both Bell Off Road and PNW Customs on Facebook for more info.

Here are some pictures from our visit. Bell Off Road Trucks photo 2 photo 3


Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 in news.
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