Made in USA

We recently hosted a group of people who toured our facility during the height of production. They were impressed by our manufacturing process, but also that we still manufactured the product here in California. There are cost effective reasons to outsource products, but it has been so much more important for Hellwig to maintain the control over the process. We have quality standards and manufacturing methods that are difficult to mimic. Our heat treatment and hot forming process also make us really unique (it also makes it extra hot during the summer when temps get over 100 degrees). At Hellwig we are proud that we continue to be “made in the USA” and by our overall process. And we love to share it! The video here gives you an idea of what we do at Hellwig, but it is really impressive to actually feel the heat and to hear the steel being cut.

Posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 in news.
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