California Association of 4WD Clubs Tour

The California Association of 4WD clubs joined us last week for a tour of the Hellwig Facility. With Mark Hellwig as their guide they were able to see our manufacturing process from start to finish. The tour started out in the machine shop where we create our own specialized equipment.They watched the hot forming of our bars and springs and the heat treatment process we use to ensure our products are the highest quality. This unique process is what sets us apart from our competition. For all you non-engineers out there like me, Mark explained on the tour that the heat treatment keeps the steel flexible enough to take a beating, and not shatter at the first blow, but strong enough to dish it out too. The club members were also able to see our coining capabilities, tube bender, powder coat area, and shipping department.
If you’d like to see pictures from the tour Click here.
Posted on Friday, March 11th, 2011 in news.
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