Looking to fix sag and get a better ride with your Tacoma?

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Your Tacoma is a great off road Vehicle, but when adding extra weight it needs help! And this offers a better ride too!

Tacoma 1906

Hellwig Products is excited to announce their new Tacoma Factory Spring upgrade. This spring pack eliminates the thick, rough riding bottom leaf from the factory spring pack by upgrading the factory spring pack with additional main leaves and multi-leaf second stage. The additional main leaves provide improved ride and off-road performance when the vehicle is not loaded and the multi leaf 2 pack provides a progressive spring rate to keep the vehicle level when a load is installed. This spring was designed with the Four Wheel Camper Tacoma and with the Four Wheel customer in mind. It needed to be heavy duty, off road capable, and progressive. This spring meets all of those expectations. Hellwig looks forward to expanding this line of springs.

Hellwig springs are made in the USA from 5160 alloy steel that is heat treated to provide a tensile strength of 195,000 psi. Every Hellwig Spring product carries a lifetime warranty and is powder coated to resist corrosion. The 1906 fits Tacoma 4WD 07 to 2012 Comes with a Lifetime warranty and all American Made Product. For more information on this helper springs and other products in Hellwig’s product line visit www.hellwigproducts.com or call 800-367-5480.

Posted on Friday, January 18th, 2013 in New Products.
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5 Responses to “Looking to fix sag and get a better ride with your Tacoma?”

  1. Gregory Stitt says:

    I sure wish you would come out with an equivalent spring upgrade for the Toyota Tundra! I have a 2013 Tundra and Four Wheel Camper Hawk model. The Tundra suffers from the same rear spring issues as the Tacoma. Thanks,

    Greg Stitt

  2. Curt Eckert says:

    I am looking to use my Tacoma to tow a SCAMP Light weight Fifth Wheel. Will this leaf spring package help? What is the weight difference, removing leafs and adding new leafs and hardware? Are there other ways to improve suspension of Tacoma for hauling a Fifth Wheel? Thanks. Curt

  3. Ben Knaus says:

    Curt, we would recommend the 1906 for a 5th wheel trailer, that is specifically what it was first designed for. I’m not sure on the exact change in weight, our kits weighs 70lbs but you are removing the factory U-bolts and overload leaves so that will cancel some of the weight out.

  4. Jayson Powell says:

    I have a 2008 Tacoma 4×4. Will this kit give a lift to the truck?

  5. Ben Knaus says:

    Jayson, while this is not designed as a “lift spring”, with the extra rate we’ve seen it lift the rear of the vehicle about 2″ unloaded.

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