Hellwig’s goal is to make you more competitive!

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Hellwig gives modern performance to vintage and modern muscle cars.

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Watch as we test the new Hellwig front sway bar and rear Big Wig on the new 2011 Super Duty with a Camper.

Matt and Bruno from Truck U TV talk about the benefits of a sway bar for a lifted truck

Hellwig’s before and after load control

Motorz shows you how to install Hellwig anti-sway bars on a lifted pickup truck to improve cornering traction and cornering capabilities. Special appearance from David Wheeler at Hellwig Products.

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Chris Duke, host of Motorz shows you how to install sway bars on a Mustang with the help of Hellwig’s engineer, Dave Wheeler.

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SEMA 2010 Interview with Power TV

Ford Ranger Slalom Test

Ford Mustang Slalom Test

56 Chevy Slalom Test

Jeep Cherokee Slalom Test

Ford F150 Slalom Test

Here’s a quick, 30 second about Hellwig Video.

Watch as the Hellwig F150 Baja Chase Truck transforms from the stock model to the high performance machine it is today!

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Hellwig Sway Bars on Truck U TV

Hellwig Helpers on Truck U TV

Play by play installation of a Hellwig Helper Spring by SD Truck Spring.

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Supercar TV tests before and after of a Hellwig Swaybar.

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Here’s a quick look at the manufacturing of Hellwig’s heat treated, hot formed sway bars.

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This is a blast from the past! Hellwig’s video here was shot in the 1980’s.