United States Border Patrol

Our U.S. Border patrol uses its vehicles in some of the harshest environments on earth, the deserts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The Border Patrol’s vehicles can not fail them in pursuit of protecting the border. To insure vital suspension components are up to the task, Hellwig Products has worked with the Border Patrol to engineer heavy duty sway bars to withstand the rigors, punishment and torture of patrolling our United States borders. Installations include front and rear sway bars on most of the pick-ups, sport utility vehicles and vans that the agency uses off-road up and down our border with Mexico. The use of special heavy duty end-links, heat treated 4140 chrome-moly steel and highly durable poly-urethane isolator bushings insure many years of service as well as to help other vital suspension components to last longer.

Posted on Monday, December 15th, 2008 in Mark Hellwig.
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