H1 Hummer Sway Bars

Along similar lines of need as armored vehicles the military is finding the need to upgrade its fleet of H1 Hummer suspension. With the seriousness and frequency of road side bomb attacks on soldiers in Hummers the military has embarked on a program of up-fitting many of its Hummer fleet with protective armor. This adds to the weight of the vehicle and in most cases creates handling problems in emergency situations. Working with the military and other companies Hellwig Products has been approved to retrofit a large number of U.S. military Hummers with sway bars made from heat treated 4140 alloy steel. Extensive testing was done on four vehicles in Texas at the military proving grounds. Hellwig’s sway bars met and exceeded all program criteria set forth in the tests and was approved as a vital component of the overall suspension upgrades.

Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2008 in Mark Hellwig.
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