A Decade Past and Future

By Mark Hellwig

As we approach a new decade I seem to drift into reflection on the decade past. How Hellwig Products started the decade and how we finished it. How we quickly put the concerns of the looming Y2K transition behind us and focused on the opportunities before us. What challenges we faced, both corporate and personal and how things turned out.

I can report that all is well with our company. Sure we have the usual business challenges as I predict will never leave us, but we are on course with good direction and great people to work along side.

Looking to the next decade and in spite of the prevailing economic climate, America is still in a love affair with the automobile. This is most evident after attending various automobile events from weekend car shows to off-road trail runs to major enthusiast events. Enthusiasm and support remains high. This excites me and gives confidence that Hellwig Products has chosen the right path for the next decade. We have committed to invest in new technologies and equipment, broadening our product offering to a wider variety of customers and enthusiasts. Already, we have invested in improved product finishes, inspection technology and ECO friendly methods of manufacturing our parts. This has allowed us to design products to fit varying requirements and expectations demanded by today’s savvy enthusiasts. CNC bent tubular, solid bar and solid heat treated high performance sway bars are just a small sampling of the advances we have made in products offered. At the 2010 SEMA Show we will debut an all new series of sway bars and mounting systems advancing the state of the art in sway bar performance for off the shelf sway bars. The Pro Series line of load control springs is taking the market by storm with its rapidly expanding applications and our EZ-Level value line of helper springs is a big hit as well.

We enter into this decade with a fresh marketing team and plan, offering a web site that not only recommends application data but provides access to our history, manufacturing, videos and projects. The new catalog follows a similar direction with beneficial information to help the automotive enthusiast choose the right Hellwig product for their needs.

Looking excitedly to the next decade I see endless possibilities for the automotive enthusiast not only with the products Hellwig Products Co. has to offer but with what is possible from all of the aftermarket companies working to advance the hobby, sport and devotion to the automobile in America.

Posted on Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 in Mark Hellwig.
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