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Hellwig’s Adventure Jeep

The Project

When we set out to build the adventure jeep it was necessary to start with a contemporary off road vehicle. The logical choice for us was the Jeep TJ long wheelbase or LJ. This platform afforded us a popular Jeep that enthusiasts could identify with but also gave us very capable off road vehicle and a little more interior space. The LJ would also be the test bed for development of the new Hellwig “Long-arm Sway Bars” with disconnects for our Off-Road product line.   A 2006 LJ was acquired and product development began.
This Jeep had a light suspension lift, a 2”body lift, 35” tires and a winch. Little else had been done to it.
Our plan was to first develop a Long-arm sway bar kit for the stock Jeep, test it on road then in challenging off road situations and evaluate the results. At first pass the sway bars did all we had hoped for in controlling the Jeep on road. After reaching the Central Sierra’s Coyote Lake Trail trailhead, disconnecting the front sway bar and wheeling through some pretty serious obstacles we decided we were on to something with this sway bar package which included a slightly modified rear sway bar with fixed end-links and a heavy duty front sway bar with a quick disconnect end-link feature. We liked the off road characteristics as well.

On to the build.

With testing complete the Jeep began its transformation into a more aggressive off road vehicle. A Rubicon Express 5.5” lift was installed on top of ARB air locker equipped Currie Rock Jock D60 front and rear axles rolling Mickey Thompson 37” MTZ’s. Tera-Flex transfer case modifications were made which included their Slip Yoke Eliminator, Short Shaft kit and LOW 4:1 transfer case kit. Skid Row skid plates protect the under belly.
Under the hood Banks Power helps the motor breath with their intake kit, headers and exhaust system. Dual Optima Batteries assure adequate power for winching and other high power demands.
Outside, Body Armor provides the front bumper, roof rack, rocker panel rub bars plus the versatile rear tire carrier with fuel can and jack stowage points. Acro Lighting tops off the illumination needs with HID lights for the bumper and above on the Body Armor light bar.  Bushwacker fender flares keep trail debris contained.
Inside a Tuffy Products roll-out security drawer keeps items organized and secure while Smitty-Built grab handles, flashlight pocket, fire extinguisher boot and first aid kit keep other items at the ready for emergencies. Daystar Products dash switches control the ARB Air Locker compressor and diff locks. Wet Okole seat covers have a nice feel and protect seats and cushion occupants.

Next steps.

To further refine the vehicle, a front and rear long arm radius rod kit will be installed with a rear V-rod three point upper control arm system. True bead lock wheels will keep the tires on the wheels and on-board compressed air will assist in many jobs on the trail.

Thanks to the Help of our Sponsors!

Acro Lights www.acrolights.com
Banks Power www.bankspower.com
Body Armor www.bodyarmor4x4.com
Bushwaker Body Gear www.bushwacker.com
Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels www.mickeythompsontires.com
Optima Batteries www.optimabatteries.com
Teraflex www.teraflex.biz
Tuff Country www.tuffcountry.com
Tuffy Security Products www.tuffyproducts.com

Special Thanks to our Friends at Hardcore 4X4 in Visalia, CA

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