Dual wheel vs. Single Wheel

Dually vs. Single Wheel
Mark Hellwig
Single Wheel Truck

Most dual wheel pick-ups are a standard pick-up with a dual wheel
axle and a fender kit to cover the extra wheel on each side of the vehicle.
The wider axle and dual wheels creates a heavier rated axle giving the truck
the ability to carry more weight, however because the dual wheel vehicle
package is simply a modified single wheel vehicle in terms of the frameDual Wheel
width and left to right leaf spring centers the roll center remains the
same. Roll center is a point on a vehicle on which vehicle rotation or
vehicle sway pivots around. As the vehicle enters a turn and begins to sway
or lean it is actually pivoting around its roll center or axis. That roll
center is determined by a number of factors but in its simplest terms it is
the left to right width of the vehicles rear springs that determine the roll
center. Even when a pick-up truck is equipped with a dual wheel axle,
vehicle sway is similar because the roll center is similar to a single rear
wheel truck. This is not to say however that a wider axle is not desirable.
As stated earlier, the dual wheel axle allows for bigger payloads, creates a
wider track width for the vehicle and dual tires resist tire sidewall
deflection better.

Mark Hellwig

President of Hellwig Products

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