Silverstate Challenge

We recently asked James Shipka, with the OneLapCamaro about the Silver State Challenge. We have never attended before, but have heard how exciting the event is. The race takes place on a closed highway in Nevada.

James was able to give us a run down of the race and what his goals are:

“The Silver State Classic Challenge is an open highway race that is held twice a year on Nevada Highway 318.  On Sunday September 19th the highway is closed and about 100 of us will make timed runs in a variety of speed classes down the 90 mile stretch of tow lane road.  There are classes from 95 mph through to 190+ mph and your objective is run the 90 mile course as close to your target time as possible.  This year we (I will be driving and Fast Mary Pozzi will be navigating) are targeting the 120 mph average speed class.  This will be the third time that I’ve driven the even – we finished 4th in the 105 mph class last spring (missing our average time by only 0.36 seconds) and 2nd in the 115 mph class last September (we were just over 1 second off that time) – and we’re hoping for some good weather for the day.”

We wish you luck James! And we’ll let you know how he does.

For more information on the Silver State Challenge check out their website.

For more information on the OneLapCamaro click here.

More Photos of last year’s Silver State Challenge can be found here.

Posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 in Events.
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