Moab in Review


The 2013 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT was blessed with some of the best weather we’ve seen in a number of years.  No snow, rain or sandstorms to blow over outside exhibitors pop-up tents or scatter their displays across the county.  Ironically, this occurred now that the Red Rock 4 Wheelers added a large tent to the arena to offer shelter to those aforementioned exhibitors.
As always, the drive to Moab takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the country… if you like the backdrops seen in many of John Ford’s epic westerns of years ago.  You almost expect to see a covered wagon pull around the bend at any moment with John Wayne riding alongside on his horse. But, we chose a more modern team of horses to pull our wagon.
On the trails, we went wheeling with many old friends, new friends and business associates.  There were Jeeps of every type to be seen, everything from old flat fendered Jeeps up to the latest concept models from Jeep.  Our new friends from Diesel Power Products brought their new F250 Raptor truck to Moab.  This beast made short work of Hell’s Gate; climbing up the V-cut like it was nothing.  Check out the articulation of the Hellwig Sway Bar equipped suspension.
Lunch stops along the trail offered some stunning landscapes.  A Chrysler 300 and model were perched atop the spire in the backdrop for a commercial some years back.  Only problem was a freak storm blew in suddenly and the car and model were stuck on the top overnight while the helicopter used to lift and lower both was grounded at the base.
But the main attraction in Moab is the trails.  Miles of breathtaking beauty and sometimes brutal obstacles keeps drawing us back to this corner of Utah year after year.  Hope to see you next year along the trail at the Easter Jeep Safari.

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