Caught on Tape

Hellwig Hellwig1Recently I got emailed these pictures. I got caught talking to the camera about the benefits of a sway bar. It was fun to talk to Overland Folks for a few days and camp with them. It’s such a cool crowd of adventurous people who NEED our products and put our products to the limit!

At the Overland Expo at Morman Lake we camped in the Lance Camper and hauled by our Big Wig Truck. We felt like we were living in Luxury over the weekend. The Lance Camper was so sophisticated and comfortable, plusĀ  with the Solar panels on the top we never once ran low on battery power.

If you are near Flagstaff, AZ you’ll have to check out the Overland Expo.

Let me know if you catch me on TV. We haven’t seen this aired yet.

Melanie White

Posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 in Events.
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