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Modesto CA, Cook off Road Racing took on the challenges of Baja once again by racing in the SCORE San Felipe 250. Driver Sean Cook and co driver Colton Cook drew the 14th starting slot for this years event. The team came into this race well prepared to take on the challenges of Baja on the heels of their Baja 1000 experience just a few months prior. After Baja the team completely went through the vehicle and with the help of Josh Lahaye from Cryoheat Treatment they were able to CryoTreat all major components before Jeff Grass with MJ Motorsports rebuilt the motor and transmission.

The San Felipe race saw the addition of Hellwig Products as the new title sponsor for the team. Hellwig products outfitted the teams chase truck with all new towing components as well as outfitting the race car with their new line of sway bars specific to the UTV market. Driver Sean Cook stated the new sway bar although smaller than the one it replaced functioned as well as the larger one. The new sway bar utilizes the ability to adjust. Hellwig products hopes to introduce other UTV components as well as other items for the off road enthusiast in the near future.

The race began with a two hour delay to reroute the course due to weather conditions through Valle de Trinidad. The #1930 was off the line and on course with the usual fanfare given by SCORE, after a few miles driver and co driver found their rhythm and the race began. Sean had worked his way through the pack and found himself sandwiched between two trophy trucks, the one in front would not move over and the size made it impossible to nerf, Sean made the decision to pull over and get out of harms way. By moving over the rear trophy truck was able to clear the slower trophy truck out of the way. Sean returned to the race and got back on trac to the front. Shortly after getting under way the vehicle suffered a shredded CVT belt. Sean and Colton were down a little longer than usual for the fix but eventually they made it back on course. The first section of the course was very rocky but the Blue Torch Fab suspension components wrapped in Factory UTV skid plates held up to the task.

The team made it to check one for their scheduled pit stop before racing into the approaching storm. As Sean and Colton approached the turn up to Mikes Sky Ranch the heavens opened and rain like they had never seen came down upon them. With Colton navigating their way up the summit and their Rigid lights guiding the way the two endured some of the most intense rain, hail and wind, causing small streams to swell into raging rivers and turning the once fine silt into heavy mudd boggs. The GBC tires utilized by the team were on task to handle the muddy conditions. The pair made it down from Mikes and into Valle de Trinidad and then onto the newly routed course. The crew was waiting for Sean and Colton with fresh gloves and their final fill of fuel and tires.

After rolling through their final check point Sean saw a flickering blue light out across the desert a few miles ahead, it was like a homing beacon to Sean and a race began to catch the blue light. Sean drove the the Polaris Rzr to its limits and after some time was able to catch and pass the #1944 vehicle. They now had the arches of San Felipe in their sights and a few miles later they crossed the finish line in 7th place, with a time just over 8 hours.

Sean and Colton would like to thank all their sponsors who make this possible,

SPEED Energy Drinks, Hellwig Products, SDR Motorsports, Blue Torch Fab, Rigid Industries, KING Off Road Shocks, Twisted Stitch Seats, Optima Batteries, GBC Motorsports, Torco Oils, Muzzy Performance, OMF Performance, Factory UTV, MJ Motorsports, CryoHeat Treatment, Black Rhino Performance, Wasteland Performance, Alba Racing, Ram Mounts, Red House BBQ, Cal Hot Coating, 4130 Clothing, Rugged Racing Products, Driven Steering Wheels, D & D Graphx, the UTVunderground and of course Polaris Industries. Sean and Colton would also like to thank their crew Jeff Correia, Gina Buzzini-Cook, Todd Latronica, Kyle Speed Martin, and the rest of their family and friends who help to support them.

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